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  • Unmatched Services

    We at ICTC offer an unmatched depth of care and scope of services for all stages of cancers. We can help even your cancer is failing chemotherapies.
  • Cancer Care with A Difference!

    At ICTC, we take a keen interest in your health by offering sophisticated investigation of your tumor genomics to maximize your chance of surviving cancer.
  • Research with a Purpose

    Our research is for you! We dedicated our efforts to develop combinatory anti-cancer cocktails directed to the hallmarks of cancer.
  • The Integrative Power in Medicine

    Seizing the integrative power of combining conventional and complementary therapies at ICTC! Besides chemotherapies, we offer natural and nontoxic remedies, hyperthermia, Alkali therapy, and medical acupuncture in one place.

Integrative Cancer Treatment Center(ICTC)

Welcome to Integrative Cancer Treatment Center (ICTC), located at Houston Medical Center. We are proud to offer state-of-art integrative cancer care backed by compassion and competence.

A diagnosis of advanced cancer is devastating news, and discovering that your cancer may not be curable or is not responsive to standard chemotherapy can be even more devastating. At ICTC, we are equipped to help you through above challenges.

Utilizing a full spectrum of sophisticated laboratory testings and clinical assessment, we offer our patients an all-inclusive consultation service covering standard care, clinical trials, FDA-aproved drug re-positioning and natural phytochemical cocktails. In addition, we provide on-site medical acupuncture treatment during your visit.  Our physician-directed, evidence-based and science-informed integrative medicine is one-of-a-kind cancer care, you can find services  you can’t get anywhere else.

If chemotherapy  has failed you, expand your options here with us at ICTC.



Working in collaboration with physicians and hospitals in the Texas Medical Center, we at ICTC have the resources and capability to effectively diagnose and treat all forms of cancer. In an accessible, relaxed setting, ICTC brings together proven cancer therapies, integrative medicine programs, and the benefits of the latest national research and clinical trials. The all-inclusive services at ICTC make it easier for cancer patients to receive expert care in home-like environments.

Dedicated Doctors

ICTC and Institute of Integrative BioOncology is dedicated to beating cancer through innovative research in the field of systems science. We focus exclusively on high-order combinatory cocktails directed to all hallmarks of cancer and cancer stem cells. As a patient, you are at the center of a dedicated team that works closely together. You'll have access to our physician 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Because ICTC is committed to providing the best available care to all of its patients, cutting-edge research is and will continue to be our cornerstone. Not only does ICTC provide a complete range of standard cancer treatments, but also available are the integrative approaches based on clinical evidence and informed by sophisticated experiments not found elsewhere.


No two cancers are alike, just as no two people are alike. At the ICTC, we believe that each case of cancer is as unique as the individual facing the diagnosis. Our physician work together with scientists to create a treatment plan that is just for you. Recent technological advances have made it possible to generate a profile of the abnormalities in the genetic code of a tumor. Our goal has been to make personalized medicine real, not just a generic term you might read in a brochure


At Integrative Cancer Treatment Center, complementary therapies work hand-in-hand with conventional medical treatments to provide the best healing interventions that focus on the mind and spirit as well as the body. Complementary therapies are used as a continuum of care to reduce stress and anxiety, manage symptoms and pain, and boost immunity, not just as adjunct to standard of care.

A Sanctuary for Healing

Within the ICTC’s comforting environment, patients and their families will be served by a caring team that proves cancer care is more than just the best technology. Every patient is offered the strength, hope and companionship they need. Many of the therapies offered here at ICTC work on bringing the body back into harmony and assist in restoring optimal health. This is a place of tranquility, health and joy. We aim to help achieve the best quality of life for all those who come our way.


At Integrative Cancer Treatment Center (ICTC), our focus is your healing. We provide state-of-the-art integrative cancer care in a welcoming environment, so you can focus on your well-being and restoration. We use cutting-edge genomic technology to precisely re-analyze your cancer. We aggressively treat your cancer utilizing cocktails of chemotherapies and natural substances that target all hallmarks of cancer. At the same time, we support and augment your nutrition and immune status. So, if chemotherapy failed you, call us 713-797-1900 and find your hope at ICTC.
Find your hope here at ICTC

Integrative Medicine in Action


  • What role do I play in my own survival?

    This may be the most important question! It is important to remember that cancer is not just fought with medicine, surgery, and technology. It is also fought with willpower, determination, and a positive attitude. You play as big a part in your survival as your healthcare providers do. Understanding this will hopefully empower you to be proactive in your approach to the disease. It is incumbent upon you to seek out good medical treatment and make sure health care providers are doing everything possible to manage the cancer in your body. The majority of our patients has been willing to seek out ways to extend the effectiveness of the treatment that their physicians were providing (chemotherapy/radiation/surgery) if that treatment plan was not ensuring 100 percent recovery. Most of the time, these patients had to bring to the attention of their doctors their desire to augment their treatment with a successful protocol.
  • How do I get started?

    You can call us at 713-797-1900 once you have decided you would like to include our protocols in your treatment regimen, or you can simply complete our Free Consultation Form and we will be in contact with you shortly.
  • Will you interact with other health care practitioners?

    Yes. We will work in consultation with any health care provider our patients may be seeing in addition to those at Integrative Cancer Treatment Center. We believe that each health care profession brings something valuable and unique to the experience of the patient and by working together we can all provide the best quality of care possible.
  • What is the overall approach of ICTC?

    We at Integrative Cancer Treatment Center(ICTC), Institute of Integrative BioOncology inspire, motivate, and empower their patients to build a strong foundation for health. We coach each patient to embrace daily dietary and lifestyle habits that promote optimal wellness while using gentle, effective medicines to restore normal physiology. We are committed to uncovering the underlying causes of imbalance that lead to dysfunction. Together, doctor and patient embark on a journey to find and correct the underlying cause of illness. Additionally, as wholistic medical practitioners, we recognize that physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of imbalance must be addressed in order to restore optimal health.
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Meet Dr Zhang


Thank you so much Dr. Zhang for all your time during your consultation with me to discuss a treatment plan. You really made me feel like you sincerely cared by extending your compassion and warmth. I never felt rushed. You made me feel important. I am very happy and look forward to many future appointments with you. You definitely know your field and your patients. But when you experience this kind of warmth from a doctor's office it is extremely noticable and is very much appreciated.  All in all, thank you so much Dr. Zhang! I look forward to seeing you for future visits!

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We at ICTC provides the following services: ▪ Intravenous Chemotherapy Infusions ▪ Medical Oncology Consultations ▪ Immunotherapy ▪ Targeted Therapies ▪ Dietary Intervention ▪ FDA-approved Drug Re-postioning ▪ Pharmaceutical Grade Natural Phytochemical Cocktails ▪ Medical Acupuncture ▪ Access to Personal Genomic Sequencing ▪ Access to Clinical Trials ▪ Hyperthermia Therapy ▪ Tumor pH perturbation/Alkali Therapy