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Ketogenic Diet as the Foundation of Cancer Theatment

Ketogenic Diets and Cancer Therapy Cancer cells demonstrate two distinct and related metabolic alterations: increased anaerobic glycolysis (Warburg effect) and defective mitochondrial function leading to increased levels of reactive oxygen species, such as H2O2. Therefore,...

Disulfiram Prolongs Survival in Lung Cancer

Several months ago, Dr Nechushtan from Israel published the 1st clinical trials regarding the Disulfiram  in the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer.  This is a phase 2  randomized double-blind clinical study.  In this study, disulfiram was given in combination with...

Chemosensitivity Assay: The Road to Personalized Cancer Treatment

An exciting new study, published by researchers at Yale University in conjunction with Precision Therapeutics, shows that an assay, called ChemoFx, could effectively inform physicians on the best possible treatment to fight epithelial ovarian cancer, individualized to the...

The Promise of Phytochemicals

The Promise of Phytochemicals – More Than Just a Folk Remedy You don’t need to look far to find them – those ads claiming that the cure for everything from the common cold to, yes, cancer, can be found in your kitchen cupboard. Perhaps you’ve bought into one or more of these...

Ten Cancer Hallmarks Give Clues to a Cure

When the shock of a cancer diagnosis wears off, most often the next impulse is to ask question after question, trying to understand this new and radical change to your life. Questions like – What is cancer? How does it start, and why does it grow? And most important – What can I...

Beta Blockers and Cancer

Repurposing beta blockers for the treatment of cancer Beta blockers have long been used to treat a number of diseases, such as high blood pressure, heart failure, glaucoma, and migraines. These drugs work by affecting two stress response hormones, epinephrine (EPI)(also know...