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Cancer Types Treated at ICTC

Cancer Types Treated at ICTC

Healing people with cancers is our primary goal.  At ICTC, Institute of Integrative BioOncology we have expertise in treating numerous complex health conditions. With decades of experience and research, Institute of Integrative BioOncology doctors, nurses and medical staff are skilled at treating major types of cancer. Though we are able to diagnose and treat many conditions, we have particularly strong capabilities in the following areas.

Browse our list of cancer types to see our areas of expertise.

▪               Bladder Cancer

▪               Lung Cancer

▪               Breast Cancer

▪               Melanoma

▪               Colon and Rectal Cancer

▪               Endometrial Cancer and Ovarian Cancer

▪               Pancreatic Cancer

▪               Kidney (Renal Cell) Cancer

▪               Prostate Cancer

▪               Thyroid Cancer

▪               Head and Neck Cancer

Brain Tumor