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Core Values

Core Values

dreamstime_xs_16380550I2B’s core values—Integrity, Innovation, and Belief — are the roadmap to our mission and vision. These three values convey the principles behind every decision I2B employees make. We commit ourselves to executing these values with compassion. This translates into a dedication to providing the highest quality of patient care and research. At I2B, we live our mission by following these principles every day:

I for Integrity. Above all else, we pursue cures for cancer relentlessly and with integrity in all that we do, always adhering to the highest standards of conduct in research and patient care. We will always do “the right thing”. We are honest and forthright. Our approach to evidenced-based and science-informed integrative medicine is guided by both the wisdom of ancient medicine and the ever-growing knowledge of modern medical science. As facilitators of health and healing, we embody a new model of health care in which the whole-person approach is applied for comprehensive cancer care.

I for Innovation. We foster the spirit of innovative inquiry, promoting constructive collaboration and partnership across stakeholders. Innovative research is necessary to determine the efficacy of integrated therapies and knowledge is the cornerstone of informed decision-making in healthcare.

B for Belief. We believe in the strength of the scientific method, we believe in the innate healing power resident in each human being, and we believe in what we are doing and dare to take the risks our mission demands of us. We embrace and honor the profound power of our patients’ minds, bodies, and spirits. We recognize each person as already whole and complete, in their path of health and spiritual well-being.