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Services We Provide

The Institute of Integrative BioOncology (I2B) provides the following services:

▪               Intravenous Chemotherapy Infusions

▪               Medical Oncology Consultations

▪               Immunotherapy

▪               Targeted Therapies

▪               Dietary Intervention

▪               FDA-approved Drug Re-postioning

▪               Pharmaceutical Grade Natural Phytochemical Cocktails

▪               Medical Acupuncture

▪               Access to Personal Genomic Sequencing

▪               Access to Clinical Trials

▪               Hyperthermia Therapy

▪               Tumor pH perturbation/Alkali Therapy fundamental principle of I2B is that cancer is a disease of the entire system, which is remarkably complex at molecular and systems levels and multiple functional entities in the body, including the immune system and metabolic processes. Therefore, the treatment of cancer is equally complex methods, often requiring the use of multiple drugs, and their combinations thereof, for obtaining the optimum curative benefit of therapy. It is estimated that a cocktail of at least 4 drugs will be required to achieve a curative effect.

We at I2B strive to bring balance to all the systems in your body and to create therapeutic synergy, by utilizing appropriate combinations of drugs and natural products (phytochemicals). Furthermore, we believe that cancer should be managed by addressing all the physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances, to achieve whole-body harmony.

A powerful, effective combination of research-based healing therapies to help manage the life changes and stress associated with cancer.