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Your First Visit

Bring your insurance cards. Please show our receptionist your insurance card at every visit. If you are covered by a secondary insurance plan or have a Medicare supplemental plan, please make sure that we have that information.

Let us know whenever about any changes in your address, telephone number, employment, marital status, or insurance.

Bring a list of your medications to each office visit; we review the prescription and over-the-counter medications that you are currently taking. If it is more convenient, bring your medication bottles with you.

Write down any questions or concerns that you may have to discuss with your physician.

If you wish, bring someone with you to help listen to your physician’s comments and responses to your questions.

subimage36During the initial consultation, the patient will be interviewed and examined by Dr. Zhang, who is dually trained in medical oncology and acupuncture. To help us understand the patient’s medical status, we will need to obtain copies of medical records, health history, prescribed medications, and recent medical visits with other specialists or practitioners, and if applicable, any biopsy reports. We will review the information with the patient and family members and answer any questions that they may have.

A treatment or interventional plan, which is a collection of dietary modifications, phytochemical or nutritional supplements, pharmaceutical drugs, targeted cancer therapies, chemotherapies, immunotherapy, thermotherapy, or acupuncture, will be developed specifically for each patient so that the treatment results are the best that they can be. This custom-made plan is influenced by the patient’s current life style, overall health, type and stage of cancer, as well as their functional or immune status. It also takes into consideration information from other specialists or consultants.

If chemotherapy is the choice of therapy, we can provide your treatments in the comfortable chemotherapy infusion suite located at The Methodist Hospital Outpatient Center, which is staffed by our chemotherapy-certified nurses. Chemotherapy medication is delivered by an infusion pump entering your bloodstream through a needle in your vein, a port, or catheter, while you are seated or supine on a comfortable reclining chair or a bed. You might receive additional medications and treatments (such as hydration or anti-nausea medications) through infusion. Sometimes chemotherapy is given as part of a clinical trial. The treatment sessions last between one and several hours, and are generally scheduled at one- to three-week intervals. You may bring one family member or friend to your infusion appointment. You can bring books, magazines, puzzles, a laptop computer, or portable music (with earphones) for use and relaxation while you wait before, after, or in between procedures. The infusion areas have wireless internet access. We can also offer iPads for patients to use during treatment visits.

Depending on the type of cancer, we may also recommend a surgeon and/or radiation oncologist to help determine and perform the best course of treatment. You have full access to world-renowned radiation and surgical oncologists within the Texas Medical Center complex.

If you need any additional services during your treatment, such as occupational or physical therapy, nutrition counseling, psychosocial support, or financial counseling, we will make sure that you have access to any and all additional therapies that you may need.

If we are the first oncology service that you consult, you have the right to see another oncologist for a second opinion. We encourage patients to express their preferences and aid them in seeking second opinions at MD Anderson Cancer Center, UT Houston, or even out-of-state institutions such as Dana-Farber or Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Centers. We believe that the more informed a patient is, the greater their participation in making treatment decisions, and the more comfortable they will feel with their treatment plan.

Make your next appointment every time you visit the clinic. This includes lab, radiology, and chemotherapy appointments. Should you need to cancel an appointment, we request that you provide as much notice as possible. If you cannot keep your scheduled appointment, kindly give us a 24-hour notice.